How we dry clean furniture and carpets

  • Removing any contaminants
  • Removing stains and chewing gum
  • Removing odors

What is included in the cleaning:

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    Upholstered furniture or carpets that have lost colour due to dirt can almost always be corrected with the help of delicate dry cleaning.

    For regular or emergency cleaning of furniture, CLEANHOUSE specialists use hypoallergenic products that are able to fight against unpleasant odours and pollution at the same time. Dry cleaning of chairs, armchairs and sofas allows not only to return them to their original appearance, but also extends the life of the textile covering.

    CLEANHOUSE’s quality surface cleaning services include:

    • stain removal (organic /inorganic);
    • chewing gum removal;
    • odour removal;
    • steam treatment;
    • foam cleaning (without deep penetration).

    We also carry out dry cleaning of carpets and rugs, which are most prone to the concentration of dirt and dust, with a visit to the home or office.

    Professional technical and cleaning products ensure not only cleanliness, but also disinfection of surfaces.

    In addition, we know the secrets of dry cleaning leather furniture, and are ready to perform dry cleaning of curtains and delicate fabrics such as tulle.


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