How we clean the windows

  • Washing glass and frames

  • Removing residual construction mixtures
  • Removing protective film
  • Washing mosquito nets

What is included in the cleaning:

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    Clean windows in a house, apartment, or office are like clothes that people wear to greet others.

    Seasonal window cleaning frustrates everyone without exception. During the autumn-winter period, all the “neighborhood” of megacities remains on the surface of the glass panes: streams, rain, traces of soot and sawdust. The film that forms simply hinders the enjoyment of the view from the window.

    Everyone knows that cleaning should start with washing windows and frames. This also includes cleaning balconies and glass partitions. But what if these are facade windows located at a great height? Then professionals take over.

    The cleaning company CLEANHOUSE has special tools and equipment that allow high-level cleaning of facade windows. Height here is used both in a direct and metaphorical sense: professional climbers are hired to wash windows and showcase windows in multi-story office buildings.

    We are also ready to take on window cleaning after repairs and construction. We have everything necessary to remove cement stains, putty or gypsum from the glass panes and frames.

    The company’s specialists have experience and skills to perform window cleaning at any height and any difficulty. Trust us, and you will get clean and shiny windows.


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